GatorMail - University of Florida

2019 Proofpoint upgrade

Beginning on Thursday, Feb. 21, UFIT will be upgrading the systems that process inbound and outbound email for the University.  These new systems are expected to provide improvements in email scanning and filtering to help the University better protect its users from malicious email coming from outside of the University.

If any of the following describe your user of UF email you may notice changes as part of this upgrade:

  • You use software other than Outlook or Outlook Web App to send email
  • You use advanced Proofpoint features at
  • You use the Proofpoint Encryption service.

If any of the above describe you, please read on for more information.

You use software other than Outlook or Outlook Web App to send email:

As part of the upgrade, the servers at will be updated.  For the most part the behavior will remain the same, however, if you have any issues, be sure to check your email software’s setting for outbound mail. The correct settings are:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 587 (25 is also allowed, but 587 is recommended for client submission)
  • Connection security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal Password

What changed: all authenticated connections will require STARTTLS, and the client software must support TLS 1.1 or newer.

What hasn’t changed: systems on the campus network will still be able to submit mail for delivery via port 25

You use advanced Proofpoint features at

The location of the UF Spam Quarantine services at will move to:

You are encouraged to access the UF Spam Quarantine services using the links in your UF Spam Quarantine email digest, those links will take you to the correct location.  Furthermore, while the move to the upgraded system is underway there will be a few weeks where you might receive email in either the old or new UF Spam Quarantine system.  Using the links in the digest email will ensure you go to the right system to access the quarantines

Prior to this upgrade UFIT has migrated your existing personal Safe/Block list entries to the new system.  Any additions to your personal Safe or Block list should go in the new system (or both).

For now, all UF email users will use a default spam tolerance policy in the new system, and will be unable to select the Low and High spam policies as in the past.

Please see this document for more information about managing spam with the upgraded UF Spam Quarantine.

You use the Proofpoint Encryption service

The location of the UF Encryption service will be updated from to  As in the past the only only effective way to access this service is by clicking the link or opening the attachment in an email from the Proofpoint Encryption service.  However, you may notice the new location in these links or in your browser.


At no time during this upgrade will UFIT solicit your password or other information via email or any other means. As always, be wary of emails threatening to disable services unless you provide information. If you receive such an email and are concerned about its authenticity please contact the UF Computing Helpdesk.