GatorMail Migration

Known Issues

Free/Busy is unavailable in the Outlook Scheduling Assistant after your migration to Office 365 is complete.

Download a new copy of the Offline Address Book in Outlook. 

eFaxes not sending

Once the migration is complete, you will no longer be able to send eFaxes in the [] format. You will need to use the following format #####@fax.local (e.g. 21234@fax.local)

SendAs permissions not working

SendAs permissions will need to be replicated in Office 365 once the migration is complete. Please contact your local IT support group or submit a ticket at

Managing Distribution Group Membership

Once migrated, you will no longer be able to manage distribution groups from the Outlook Client. This will need to be done in ADUC. We are looking into ways to migrate the DL’s to O365.

Public Folder Management will no longer work through Outlook

Explanation: Public Folder Permissions Management will no longer work through Outlook.

Solution: Tier 2 will need to create an on-prem service account and allow it to manage their public folders. From there, create an Outlook mail profile with the service account and manage the public folder permissions accordingly.

Unable to login to O365 services with service accounts

Explanation: O365 utilizes UPN for authentication

Solution: Tier 2 will need to update the UPN for their service accounts to use for the domain. When authenticating to cloud services through Outlook, use the and password. When connecting through a browser to O365 services, use the username without the

Departmental specific Address Lists in Exchange must be recreated in O365

Explanation: O365 does not utilize OUs, which is how many address lists have been configured.

Solution: Open a myIT ticket, request ICT to recreate the address list and modify the recipient scope. These will also be addressed in pre-migration discussions.