Who gets an email account?

The following people are eligible for email at the University of Florida: 

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Student employees
What happens if I become a student employee?

Some student employees may be provided (i.e., provisioned with) a separate work email account to use for UF business purposes. This email will be separate from, and in addition to, their student GatorMail account. 

If a student is hired into a TEAMS position, a separate mailbox will not be provisioned.  The existing mailbox will continue to be used, and the UF Retention Policy is applied.

What if I am faculty or an employee and become a student?

You will continue to use your existing email account as a student. A separate mailbox will not be provisioned.   

When will my email access end?

Faculty and Staff 

  1. Normal separation: The employee’s mailbox will be available for 30 days starting from their last official day.  (Note: Emeritus Faculty retain their email access.)
  2. Termination: A terminated employee’s mailbox may become unavailable immediately. This would be the case if the Office of Human Resources disables the person’s Gatorlink account or if the person’s now-former department requests that access to Office365 services be immediately removed.



Student email accounts are available for 365 days after graduation or 365 days since being registered for a UF class. 

For student employees with a second UF work email account, the work email is de-provisioned 30 days after the last day of employee affiliation.

What if my department needs email from the mailbox of an employee leaving the department?

For employees leaving the department as well as the university: 

  • During an employee separation process, the department may request from UFIT an export of the contents of the employee’s mailbox in a pst file and import those contents (pst file) to a service account or shared mailbox.  Additionally, the department may request that mail flow for the employee’s mailbox be directed to the designated service account / shared mailbox to minimize the chance of important UF-business email being missed.  Other access, retention, and deletion needs can be discussed with the Microsoft Core team. 

 For employees leaving the department but not the university: 

  • During an employee separation process, the department may request from UFIT an export of the contents of the employee’s mailbox in a pst file and import those contents (pst file) to a service account or shared mailbox.  Mail flow will not be directed to another mailbox and departments will not be provided access to the employee’s mailbox.